Alone against the darkness

Enter the role of a civilian who visits Lost Places. Can you make him survive or will you disappear forever? Explore the surroundings, discover rooms and places but note one thing, you are not alone. Will darkness prevail over you or will you find out the truth and escape?

To the bitter end

A civilian’s life is not for you? Enter as a soldier into what has happened and discover the horror that lies ahead for mankind. Try to stop the disease. It doesn’t matter what you do against the disease. Perform missions, find out what happened and who is responsible for the dead people. Will you be able to stop the disease? Will you be able to discover and spread the truth? Fight the disease, fight the initiators, and save the humanity from disaster.

Lonely but not alone

Do you prefer the online mode? Plunge into a big Open World map and try to survive. Watch out for infected people, environmental factors, as well as other players. Find items that will help you survive, improve these items or build completely new ones. Do you want to keep moving or settle down and build a base? Play with or against other players on a huge map and find out online what happened and what other secret places there are.

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In short, Battle of Decay is a horror survival shooter. The player can choose between the military, the civilian campaign and the online mode. While the civilian campaign is horror based, the military campaign is action horror shooter based. In online mode, a large Open World map awaits the player. Here the focus is on survival, looting, crafting, but also on building, exploration and some puzzle game elements. Beside PVE also PVP and some environmental factors are a danger for the player. There are also several other online game modes under development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Game   Features

  • 2 Singleplayer Campaigns
  • Online Mode (Open World / Survival)
  • COOP-Singleplayer Missions
  • Huge Open World Map
  • InGame Crafting
  • Base Building
  • 200 lootable Items
  • European / German Design (City / Signs)
  • Apocalyptic, not Post-Apocalyptic
  • Drivable Vehicles
Some features have not yet been developed and
will be added in later updates if necessary.
  • Secret Locations with horror features
  • Realistic Enviroment
  • Exploration Game and Puzzle Game Elements
  • Story based Single- and Multiplayer