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Also in this version the game should be playable. We are trying to add enemies and loot items to the game and to enable the crafting features. However, this version will not include a swimming system.

The goal in the version (00853) is to complete the current game world as far as possible. Many visual details will be missing, but nevertheless we want to remove most of the placeholders.
Besides the already existing smaller locations, the discounter, the police station, the highway and the gas station shall be finished. In smaller updates or in the next version we will then work on the small town
and the farms.

One or two new submenu items are added to the main menu. This should ensure the first approach to character creation. The player should be able to create a character later (during the Early-Access-Phase), which also serves as the first version of the Roleplay Mode.
The player should be able to choose an identity and story.

New soundtracks are not only important, they are always needed. In the course of this and the next version we want to create a new main soundtrack. This soundtrack should then last for the
complete alpha phase.

Through our new system, we will define new sound zones. We will then add sound effects in these zones to enhance the game world using SFX and soundtracks. For this it is important that the current game world is almost completely planned.

The new Steam System will allow players to create “Dedicated Servers” easily and quickly. All Steam features will work again. Here for it urgently necessary to have a Steam AppID. If this is not the case in this version, it will be activated in the next version!

The new movement system allows the player to sprint, jog and move at a normal pace. There is also a basic possibility to climb. This system is still under test! It can lead to stamina problems.
During the test phase we will remove the player model (Mesh).

As a new feature, this version tests the new electronics system for the first time. So you can use solar energy or generators to bring some new machines and even buildings to life. This feature will be fully implemented in the next versions.

Due to the targeted testing of the Open World map and the renewal of the 3D models, the single player mode will be removed in the alpha version (for now).

Alpha - Deprecated