Battle of Decay:

About The Game

Battle of Decay: Survival is a top-down casual survival game that throws you into a world during a virus outbreak. Fight your way through the missions with your friends and get out of hell alive. This game is set in the world of the in-development game ‘Battle of Decay’.
Battle of Decay: Survival. Page Image.
  • Diverse Game Modes: Choose between the “Survival” mode, where you battle through various levels, or face the “Endless Siege” mode, where you stand alone or with friends against endless waves of the infected.
  • Strategic Gameplay: As you navigate through the levels, you can unlock different areas, granting you access to new weapons and perks. Use these wisely to always stay one step ahead of the infected.
  • Dynamic Levels: From hospitals and bunkers to subway stations and cities – each level offers unique challenges and secrets.
  • Continuous Development: As an Early Access game, we’re constantly striving to enhance and expand the player experience. Your feedback is invaluable to us.

About The Game

‘Battle of Decay: Survival’ requires Steam to run.

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