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Some already know that Battle of Decay reached the version number “” a year ago. Since this happened, we will continue with version until the completion of the city area. So today I can present you version!

Game Versions

Even if this is confusing, we will continue this version (as mentioned above) until the city area is completed. Currently we are working on the outer landscape and are slowly approaching the urban area. The more interesting thing about this version are the functional updates. Even though the gameplay hasn’t changed much, Battle of Decay now has a more modern and clearer main menu. Besides the main menu, new interfaces for the “InGame HUD” and the pause menu have been added.

We have made sure that the player can find the relevant menus and options more easily. The main menu has also been visually enhanced with new buttons. A small interface ensures that as soon as everything is ready, you can see your score, progress and kills in the top right corner. Besides the visual appearance of the main menu, some background changes have also been made.

A new version of the Steam Online subsystem has been added, providing access to all of Steam’s features, including the workshop, dedicated server, player services, market and leaderboard. This system should work, but we can only test it once we have purchased our Steam AppID.

Level Design

As already mentioned twice, we are approaching the city area. In the last German livestreams you have seen with us how current the landscape looks like and what we are working on. Even if it hasn’t been shown often, the work at the trainstation is definitely not finished yet. Yesterday I started with the basement, which we will finish today in the stream at best. Most people probably know our supermarket construction site. The supermarket is basically finished, but some small things like doors, the food (etc.), the storage, the lighting and some shelves are still missing. Meanwhile the parking lot was completely finished. Vehicles or similar will be added later. The northern part of the parking lot will not be finished until the bridge over the train tracks is finished.

Supermarket Bride – WIP

Even though you might think that we only used 3D models for the parking lot, the parking lot consists of an “asphalt plate”, several “decals”, some of which were scaled very large, and some foliage objects that make up the western flowerbed. These decals have a resolution up to 4096px. Of course this can be resource consuming, but it also improves the visual appearance and decals are easier to manipulate. Most objects on the parking lot are instances. The decals are also adjusted to save resources. This becomes noticeable very quickly if you fly further away in the editor and the decals disappear. The player should not notice this in the final game.

Perfomance & Decals

In addition to the supermarket, the donut shop was also further developed. Here the complete interior decoration is still missing, but the building model is finished. Also here detail was needed. Beside the exterior coating of the building, we added extra graffiti, which was sprayed on the wall by the employee and should serve as advertising. Such graffiti can be found from time to time in urban more densely populated areas and “modern” young shops. These graffiti are of course anything but professional, but it is supposed to keep the appearance that they are from the shopkeeper. Detail also plays a role in the street signs. So everyone in Battle of Decay can see not only the signs and the holder, but also the base. A small but nice detail!

Movement system & Misc

Yesterday we installed a new motion system. The whole thing is based on a very popular plugin called “Advanced Locomotion System V4”. It uses Bone IK and other systems to make sure that the player has a realistic movement, can fall and position and lift his legs on steps or other uneven surfaces. Some of you may wonder why we use “Marketplace Assets” for this purpose, but again, I want to emphasize that we currently do not have a specialist for blueprints or similar. There are only 2 people working on this project at the moment. I’m in charge of the whole thing and do all engine related work, while the other one is working on 3D objects. All used “Marketplace Assets” will be extensively extended and changed / adapted directly as well as afterwards to ensure a good gaming experience. So does Battle of Decay use Marketplace Assets? Definitely yes! However, there is no way around it at the moment. However, the gaming experience should not be made dependent on it. We are very proud of our realistic game world!

For more pictures and news you should read our latest update article, this is about version, a predecessor of the current version:

Discuss this update here:

Tonight (like every Sunday) there will be a livestream on Twitch and Youtube at 8pm. Planned this time are the continuation of the cellar complex, the supermarket and the surrounding nature. As soon as new 3D objects are ready, we will be able to finish areas completely.

See you next time!
Best regards Sky

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