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As announced the new web design was finished today. Fortunately we managed to keep the website offline for only 14 hours. Those of you who knew the website before will notice that some things have changed and new text and pictures have been added.
In the next days and weeks we will also search and replace remaining old texts / pictures.

Many old posts are no longer formatted correctly and could easily be displayed incorrectly in the news.

Not much has been posted on this website lately, but anyone who is active on my Youtube channel ( /dersky) will notice how much work is currently being put into Battle of Decay. Unfortunately this website has become relatively inactive due to recent changes. But don’t worry, in the time Battle of Decay was developed and improved. I’m looking forward to present you new pictures and videos of the game as soon as possible.

Among other things the “About” page as well as the “Media” page has been revised, a new “Roadmap” has been added which is not finished yet. The “Apply for Beta Now” page has also been set up so that it is released when the date is reached.

Battle of Decay?

There will be an extra post for this, but currently we are working on the new 3D models, the new Steam Network System and of course 24/7 on the big Open World map. There will be a lot of work to do to finish the game, but I am convinced that it will be worth it. Just the feeling of finishing such a complex project will be great!

See you every sunday from 20 o’clock on Twitch and Youtube in the weekly developer livestream! Feel free to leave your opinion about the new webdesign in the upcoming livestreams!

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